Our Journey

Our Journey at began with a deep-seated appreciation for aesthetics and a keen eye for detail. This innate sense of beauty and style, combined with a determination to deliver excellence, led to the creation of La Verita.

For many years, I can recall that I've always wanted a One-Stop shop for women concerning beauty and appearance.

Upon arriving Nigeria in 2013 and discovering/witnessing all the beautiful and stylish well-travelled women bought, wore and cherished their hair. I thought, what if I make human hair extensions to look like what is admired most about us as women of colour, that is, the texture, volume, density and length of our hair.

What if, I merge beauty with luxury? Right here in Nigeria the most popular country in Africa?

This led to the birth of 'The Truth' and was later renamed La Verita; which is now the brand.

We are going into the hearts, minds, homes and heads of the whole of Nigeria. My NGO 'Let's Give Back' along with The La Verita Foundation will grow alongside La Verita Hair, adding value to both the Nigerian economy and communities throughout.

La Verita’s School of Cosmetology will train and license individuals who are interested in learning the truth about hair and how to care for it, as we make La Verita a preferred destination for those who seek nothing less than the finest.

Our Process

We’ve shared this journey of premium hair products and services while maintaining the highest level of excellence and professionalism around the world.

We collect human hair from donors, sterilise the hair, process the hair into desire textures based on our market demand or to customer's specification.

We also weft tracks and ventilate our bulk hair for clients who prefer sew-ins and we also customise wigs for clients.

We then decide which hair to keep as virgin hair or which hair we will transform into Remy Hair, or which to process into the popular textures like Yaki, Kinky, Curly, Wavy or Straight; this process allows us to now custom blend for our clients.

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