At LaVerita, we appreciate the sophisticated elegance in beauty. Hence, we ensure first-class treatment and care in the delivery of our services to clients. We insist on personalized and custom services in the dispensation of our duties to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our professional staff will work with you to meet your needs. Whatever your needs are, We offer premium hair services that are unrivaled.


LaVerita Hair is a Premium Natural Hair Extensions Factory

About the CEO

Candius Diallo

CEO LaVerita Hair

African American-born entrepreneur, new business strategist, consultant, and founder of LaVerita Hair. With a professional experience that cuts across Healthcare, avia_on, real estate, and the beauty industry. Candius is best known for her competence, transparency, passion, and commitment clearly displayed in how she handles any project she’s involved with.

Born and raised in America, she relocated to Nigeria some years ago and founded LaVerita Hair is a first-class beauty salon and hair factory that offer premium human hair and consultation services in hair extensions. Growing up as a young lady, Candius experienced first-hand the many frustrations and pain that accompanied getting the best services and care for her hair.

More so, she began to wonder why hair extensions were never produced indigenously in Africa, considering the fact that African women were unarguably the largest consumers of these hair extensions. Candius’ desire to seek a solu_on to the problem of finding authentic and original hair care for the African woman led her on a determined journey to learn about the best practices of quality hair care and extension production. Candius’ dream is to offer women an exquisite, luxurious, and rich experience in hair care.

Recognizing the vast economic rewards in the multibillion-dollar beauty industry, Candius who now calls Nigeria home has much professional training in hair manipulation that makes her an authority in the field. Her brand, LaVerita is a premium hair brand that offers high-quality and personalized¬†hair extensions and services to women of class and style. At LaVerita, every woman is treated to a unique personalized hair extensions experience that is specific to the individual’s hair texture and color; no two heads of hair are the same. LaVerita is an African-based¬†premium hair extension factory, the first of its kind, also runs a private members salon that provides installations and styling to member-clients of the brand on an appointment basis.

Her formal training and educa_on as a registered nurse taught her about compassion and the need to value others, an experience she brings to bear for her clients at LaVerita.

If you regard Candius as a global citizen, then you are spot on since her experience as an international flight attendant showed her the world and helped her appreciate diversity as well as the importance of customer satisfaction. One of her unique talents is her ability to focus on a problem and analyze it until a workable solution is achieved. These quali_es helped her overcome the many challenges encountered in developing the indigenous luxury hair factory and salon: LaVerita.

In a vast ocean of budding entrepreneurs, her passion, commitment, class, and style set her apart from the pack. LaVerita, a member-only and appointment-based salon offers an exceptional bespoke luxury experience that makes Hair Day, a day to look forward to for every woman.

Candius is a mother and enjoys spending time with loved ones and her NGO. She is also an avid reader and prolific writer.


For business consultations and hair management inquiries

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